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Blog by Ursula Thiessen

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CCCP's Soaking up Donations‏

Lyndsay Ladobruk and Liz Garlicki will be performing a little somethin somethin for the flood relief.  They plan to be there all day. Unless the RCMP tells them to leave the edge and the water flow, and danger danger etc. They are saying that this project is safe and will not endanger anyone, nor damage any property. and they hope that it will be a full day for the performance. but if you don't see them there you know the reason why the performance isn't being executed.). i hope you can come and visit them and donate what you can on Sunday May 15th.

Here are the formalities...

Political performance is a creative and interesting way to create awareness for a cause.  As we all know there is a serious problem facing many Manitobans.  The flood has destroyed homes and caused homelessness and emotional distress for many families throughout Manitoba.  We at The Central Canadian Center for Performance want to use performance to draw attention to this issue by doing a performance and collect donated money from people, which in turn will be donated to the Red Cross for flood relief.

The performance will consist of two performers hurling brightly colored sponge nets into the Assiniboine River, then hauling back the heavy soaked sponges to collect the river water into containers.

The event will be taking place on the North-side bank of the Assiniboine River directly behind the Legislative building on May 15 2011 from Noon until 6pm.

Please help us, The Central Canadian Center for Performance, to promote this event by spreading the word about how to volunteer with the flood relief efforts and how to donate those effected in Manitoba by this year’s flood.

For more information, please visit CCCPonline.net . To Donate Online, please visit the Red Cross Website
Flood Raising