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Blog by Ursula Thiessen

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For Sale but not for Profit

This new project, Cornerstone Life Lease Estates, is drawing attention.  North Kildonoan has been needing a project like this for a long time and the fact that it is not for profit is amazing.  Here is a part of my article from Feb. 10, 2008

With its sales campaign starting this weekend, Cornerstone's developers anticipate keen interest in the project because its target is seniors leading active lives.

"The idea is that it will be life in transition, so it will have two phases," says Re/Max agent Bill Thiessen, who is helping with marketing.

"One is called Independent Living, which simply means a place to live -- no different from a house or a condo."

Thiessen said purchasers can start in the Independent Living side of the project with full condos just as you'd expect any condo to be outfitted. If their situation changes, they can apply to move to the other side, where meals are provided and condos have limited kitchenettes. This second phase, called Assisted Living, provides three meals a day and laundry service once a week.

"Everyone's familiar with going to Mexico and staying at an all-inclusive resort," he says. "We won't be including mai tais or pina coladas, but we are deeming that side to be all-inclusive."

Thiessen said Cornerstone is "absolutely not" a nursing home. When residents become infirm to the point of needing full-time medical assistance, staff will work with them to find a space in an actual nursing home.

Between the two living areas is the Downtown, a 13,000-square-foot, glass-enclosed communal area that includes a lounge, cafeteria, workshop, greenhouse and other amenities.


"It will employ lots of natural light," says Jerald Peters, architect for Friesen Tokar, which has designed Cornerstone to have a look and feel similar to its upscale project on Waterfront Drive called The Strand.