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Blog by Ursula Thiessen

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Downtown Living Tour

Photo courtesy of John Giavedoni

Downtown Living Tour 2010

Another year, another great tour. This was my fourth year of helping head up the residential leg of the program and there have been real changes in the attitudes of the folks who participated in the tour.

This year has been filled with incredible changes in people's perceptions of what downtown living is all about.  In working with the Downtown Biz and CentreVentur, I suggested that this year we should try to feature current residents of the Exchange and ask if they would open their doors to the public.  283 Bannatyne came forward with welcoming arms.

Although we could not participate in the building's tour (we were across the street at 100 Princess), we really benefited from the afterglow of folks leaving 283 Bannatyne's finished suites.  Folks came to our building and looked at it as a canvass for their ideas.  This is very different from years past when folks would come through our unfinished warehouses and wonder what on earth we were attempting.

100 Princess had folks excited at the prospect that more quality residences had become available to them. 3 were sold on the day of the tour and many folks have contacted us about how they can find out more about this project. Because possession date will not be for a year, it is not for everyone.  But be certain that other product continues to come on the market in our downtown and I am always your key person to contact for all you real estate needs.

Last night my wife and I attended the Martha Wainright concert at the Pantages, she has a new album in which she has redone Edith Piaf's music.  It was incredible, but I digress. As usual, I ran into many Downtown Residents that talked to me about the tour.  They were really overjoyed with the opportunity to talk to folks about how great downtown living really is.

The photo you see above has been graciously provided to us by John Giavedoni, head of the RED.  Thank you John for keeping your lens up and documenting so much of the historic social changes we contunue to see in our beautiful downtown.