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Blog by Ursula Thiessen

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Bill Thiessen: Mr. Downtown

  CBC  recently interviewed Winnipeg’s premier downtown agent Bill Thiessen for their radio program on the importance of expert representation when buying condos in Canada. In it, morning radio reporter Terry MacLeod explored the real estate expertise of Bill Thiessen, also known as The Urban Realtor.


During that same week, Bill was asked to speak before the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce on the immediate needs of Winnipeg’s downtown residential population.  At that meeting he was introduced as “Mr. Downtown”.


On that same day, Bill was asked to attend the newly established Downtown Residence Association as an expert representative of the neighbourhood by Lisa Holowchuck, executive director of the Exchange Biz. Later that week, Bill went on a tour of Minneapolis’s  vibrant new Loft District.  He was impressed to see the ongoing efforts by developers and government in their revitalization efforts for the downtown residential district.


Aside from selling condos, Bill is also involved in a multitude of new residential and commercial developments. Developers from across Canada contact Bill for his expertise on condo conversions in our downtown. 


Bill has a unique branding that is The Urban Realtor. The ubiquitous Urban Realtor ads are a staple of the downtown core. Found through out the internet, sponsoring art events at Ace Art Gallery and MAWA, in the pages of the Winnipeg Real Estate News, the Winnipeg Free Press (WFP), his own downtown Newsletters, as well as on CBC, and CJOB, and in featured articles in the WFP and the Sun,  Bill has been able to establish himself as a downtown specialist and it works for him and his customers.


You may think that Bill Thiessen is just a Realtor, but he is also Winnipeg’s best known downtown advocate and lobbyist.  Arguably he is recognized by customers and the media as Winnipeg’s preeminent downtown real estate agent. Having sold more residential downtown real estate than any other agent, Bill Thiessen brings this experience to your door.  As the ReMax slogan goes “It doesn’t cost any more to get the best”.